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Welcome to the Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation, where you can find lots of links to webpages with information about Calvin and Hobbes. Can one have enough of them?

Links to Calvin & Hobbes sites

Lots of links to Calvin and Hobbes web pages! Lets go exploring!

Complete list of Calvin & Hobbes books

Look at all the books with Calvin & Hobbes strips. Maybe buy one as a gift?

New: A collection called "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes" with all the Calvin and Hobbes strips ever published has been released. This is a must have for any Calvin & Hobbes fan, take a look at it here.

Radio show about the ending of Calvin and Hobbes

New! On Dec 30 1995, there was a radio show where Calvin & Hobbes fans talked about the ending of the strip.
Hear the radio show.

Odd Calvin & Hobbes facts

A collection of odd facts about Calvin and Hobbes.

Names of Calvin & Hobbes characters in different countries

What is Calvin and Hobbes called in Brazil? And what is the name of the dreaded Babysitter girl in Swedish? Find out!

The Calvin & Hobbes Jumpstation FAQ
Answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Look here first if you have a question.



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